Mr Nicholas Glover  - Consultant Cataract & Vitreoretinal Surgeon


  • “I can not find any other good treatment like the one I had with Optegra. Mr. Glover gave me the best possible solution to solve my eye issue.“

  • "Excellent explanation appropriate to my medical knowledge [retired NHS cancer research]. Excellent 'information' during the procedure which would reassure every patient, [particularly the anxious"].

  • "At my pre-operation appointment Mr Glover explained everything to me in a clear and comprehensive manner. During the operation to remove a cataract he spoke to me in a reassuring way, explaining what was happening. The operation was pain free. I shall not have any fear about a future operation on the other cataract".

  • "Mr Glover explained all aspects of my treatment in an uncomplicated manner both during the eye examination and the actual treatment. In fact it was difficult to comprehend that the actual surgery was undertaken so quickly and quietly without incident. It was an experience without trepidation and I commend the treatment I received". 

  • "Felt very confident about his opinion. Able to answer questions with authority. Operation went well. Commentary and music helpful".